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Take this test to find out whether you have the personality temperament of a King or Queen, Warrior, Magician, or Lover, and to discover the best KWML match for you!

Your King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, and Lover (KWML) personality defines your unique emotional and intellectual disposition—your true style of dealing, behaving, and communicating in the world.

Based on a scientific profile of your psychological temperament developed by relationship expert, Dr. Paul Dobransky, your KWML personality pinpoints your precise location on a cognitive-emotional spectrum, making your perfect opposite instantly clear.

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While "birds of a feather flock together" in terms of shared values and beliefs, when it comes to lifelong relationships, opposites really do attract. Opposite personalities create a perfect, self-sustaining friendship—an effortless connection—because their opposite emotional and intellectual skills complement and complete each other. That's why the key to finding your soul mate and best friend for life (or even your perfect partner in business!) depends not only on you having a firm grasp on your own personality, but also the ability to identify your polar opposite—the best match for you.

Don't waste another minute! Take this 15-question test to discover whether your personality reflects a King or Queen, Warrior, Magician, or Lover temperament. You'll not only learn about your self and the best match for you, you'll also discover a simple system for quickly analyzing the personality of any man or woman you meet, plus a profound way to predict the likely future of any relationship!

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